New Normal

New Normal

What is the ‘New Normal’? The majority of people think at some point (currently the 19th of July in the UK) life will go back to normal. This is a deception. For some time now since the ‘pandemic’ began the World Economic Forum (lead by Professor Klaus Schwab the chairman) have been carrying out what they call The Great Reset initiative. This, despite what some will tell you is a conspiracy theory, is very real and you can Google this and be taken directly to an official WEF website page with the same name (or see the research page on this website for further details). The WEF have openly admitted that they are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a kind of vehicle to carry out this reset through governments all over the world (in those countries where coronavirus is an issue).

Previously to this, after a summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992 where the United Nations held a conference on environment and development the UN published Agenda 21 – a blue print for sustainable development that would need to totally transform modern day living to attain the goals written within. For example, under Agenda 21 mankind would live in smart cities and carbon emissions would be slashed to zero – limiting our transportation. Agenda 21 has been in motion for years working in silence behind closed doors to slowly transform the world, but now we are nearing the end-game. See the Agenda 21 video for pre coronavirus examples. Keep in mind how accommodation has got increasingly smaller over the years when David Icke explains how local councils signed up to the agenda have been working – these practices is in line with the agenda.

More recently in 2015 the UN published Agenda 2030 which is essentially the core goals of Agenda 21 presented in a more palatable flavour, dressed up to look like a good thing – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The 20/30 timescale allows for fully or significantly realising the goals of the agenda within this decade allowing time for push backs – resistance from within society. Since this time a partnership has developed between the UN and the WEF.

So to bring all this together, the WEF are implementing UN Agenda 21 through their Great Reset initiative using the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of the World Health Organisation and the World Trade Organisation (both of which are huge entities within the UN) and governments all over the world. All governments involved in this have received vast sums of money to go along with this agenda. It is time to stop thinking of COVID-19/coronavirus as a pandemic – it never was, it was just made to look like one by death classification, a useless RT-PCR test (due to over amplification) and spreading fear like wildfire. COVID-19/coronavirus has a 99% recovery rate and whilst it is fair to say it has caused some medical issues it is more accurately a huge smokescreen to implement UN Agenda 21 – the biggest Trojan horse in history.

If it goes all the way the New Normal will be a medical apartheid where citizens will be controlled by vaccine passports of which there is already much discussion about within governments. It is further an exercise of control to issue everyone with digital ID (ID2020) and to track and trace humanity as it goes about its business. If you are in disbelief and thinking what about the lockdowns – they were put there for our safety – no they were not. Lockdown are being used because they facilitate the Great Reset, it is a cooperate takeover – the lockdowns slowly delete business, first the small businesses and then larger business so the bigger corporations can move in and dominate and monopolise. With the big corporations in control society will take on a new capitalistic model called ‘stake holder capitalism’ – remember with Agenda 21 our current economics are labelled unsustainable and therefore must change to meet the agenda.

Another long held conspiracy theory is that of Universal Base Income (UBI) where everyone in society is given a base income and if you were employed you would still receive that income and your earnings would thus add to it. However this is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is in fact planed to be trailed in Wales soon over the next couple of years. Of course due to the lockdowns many people are now out of work and would thus become dependent on this – dependent on their governments. To go with this, society will soon become cashless – the UK is already in the process of making plans for this and the Chancellor has been asked to assemble a team earlier this year to work towards it. So, one of the big questions is how will we access our electronic currency – well an obvious choice or goal would be through an app, not just any old app, most probably a track and trace, vaccine passport and currency app (and a few other things) all rolled into one. The app of all apps.

To conclude we need to consider the new economic modal of stake-holder capitalism, this is in fact closer to communism. Also think about how we are being more closely surveilled as technology progresses. We have speed and traffic cameras on our roads, face recognition camera on our streets – think if this was connected to this app of all apps. If you misbehaved you could be punished by losing some of your UBI – if you committed a serious offence they could completely cut you off. Now ask yourself if this sounds familiar? Like for example the Chines Social Credit system – a system within a harsh communist country. If you are still thinking this is too farfetched for countries like the UK and USA then look again.

In 2019 the UK was taken into the net zero carbon initiative with one element of achieving these goals being through the Aviation Climate Change Committee, shutting ALL major airports by 2050. Remember, our current way of living is unsustainable according to the UN Agenda 21 which the UK government is fully sighed up to. Now, doesn’t the coronavirus pandemic seem very convenient with all its associated travel restrictions? The New Normal will be like (if we let it through by continually complying with COVID-19 regulations) a society you have never imagined living in – it is nothing short of a dystopian future for you and your children. It is a future the public would never accept and thus they need coronavirus to make it happen. In the words of the WEF Great Reset – you will own nothing and be happy.